Sony XAV-65

Scope: automotive; Installation size: 2DIN; Media types: CD drives USB-drive (front) Connection iPod/iPhone ; Disc types: CD DVD ; Display size: 6.2 ;"; Resolution: 800x480 ;Pix; Touch screen: +; Multimedia: Bluetooth Muted sound ; The number of lanes: 7; Adjusting treble: +; Adjustable bass: +; Power per channel: 52 ;W; The number of channels: 4; Functions of management: Remote DU Remote DU on the wheel / sold additionally / Direct management subwoofer ; Connecting AC: ISO/RCA; Line out: 2; Video output (composite): 1 ;pc; Line input: +; Video input (composite): 2 ;pc; AUX on the front panel: +;...


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